Neo-Nazis yell “6 million more” at Holocaust Remembrance event in Arkansas

by Leah Rosenberg

Holocaust Remembrance is important now more than ever. In fact, remembering the Holocaust everyday is important. This video is just one reason why.

Holocaust Remembrance

People are trying to erase the memory of the Holocaust. And as more Holocaust survivors are slowly passing away, we need to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. The horrors that took place can never take place again. Although there is a specific day set aside to remember the horrors of the Holocaust, we have an obligation to remember each and every day. We have an obligation to educate the next generation who may never have met a Holocaust survivor.

Shocking Antisemitism

This video is disturbing. Watching white supremacists chant “Hitler did nothing wrong” is just sickening. Hitler is responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews as well as millions of others who he just wanted to eliminate from the world. These Neo-Nazis deny the Holocaust, yet applaud Hitler. How much worse can it get? They walked around carrying Swastika flags – at a Holocaust Remembrance event. These white supremacists are trying to erase history while hoping for another Holocaust and the murder of “6 million more.”

Each time this type of antisemitism happens, it is shocking yet not shocking at the same time. But either way, it is enough. And we cannot allow these incidences to happen anymore – ANYWHERE in the world.

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