Antisemitism is on the rise in Germany once again

by Phil Schneider

Hundreds of Neo-Nazis march in Berlin, Germany.  Violent right-wing extremists are growing in number.  Who’s there to blame?  The zionists, globalists, and the bankers.  This video focuses on the Jewish people in Germany being in danger.

Germans and Muslims

The CNN report is a good report.  It properly focuses on the fact that a big part of the issue is Muslim originated anti-semitism.  Germany today is not just full of ethnic Germans.  They have a significant minority who are Muslims.  These neo-Nazi Germans and the Muslim minority disagree about everything – except one thing.  Who needs to be blamed for all of the problems?  They both agree that it is the Jew.  Or in today’s politically correct way – the zionists, globalist, and bankers.   But it is really not a surprise at all.  All around the world – throughout history – opposing groups have been able to make peace with one another and blame the Jew.  The fact that this is now happening in Germany is not ironic – it is predictable.

Grandma and Grandpa

There is no question that many German people today reject their family’s Nazi past.  It is probably the vast majority of the German people today.  There is a mass guilt feeling among the younger generation.  That is fitting.  However, in a country where at least hundreds of thousands of Germans took active part in the national genocide of the Jewish people all over Europe, of course there will be thousands of their descendants who think that the Jews deserved it, etc…  Most of the neo-nazis in Berlin today had grandparents who believed that Hitler was right.  So, there is nothing to be surprised about.

The Future of Germany

What will happen in the future of Germany?  I think that the neo-nazi element will not build in numbers like the Muslim element will.  All birth-rate statistics indicate that the Muslim birth-rate is much higher than the local population’s birth rate.  But, both groups will certainly make life for Jews in Germany untenable.  The time to get out was 1933.  No Jew who cares about his or his family’s future should stay in Germany.


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