How a Trump-loving city voted an African refugee for mayor

by Phil Schneider

Mayor Wilmot Collins is a one in 100 million personality. This is hilarious. An African refugee who was elected as the a mayor in Helena, Montana. This little video clip actually shows everything that is great about America – and it’s entertaining to boot.

The United States is probably best when it is a genuine meritocracy. When the best and brightest rise to the top – not due to their race or color, but due to their abilities. This African Mayor is clearly a talented personality who won over a whole slew of Republicans who probably are more anti-immigration than most other groups around the country. But that’s the key. If this person was more of the norm and not the exception to the norm, all would be fine. But he is clearly not the norm. Illegal immigration is a major issue that has already begun to wreak havoc all across Europe. The effects will be felt more and more in the upcoming decade.

Although the United States largely became what it became due to a massive influx of immigrants towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20tc century, not all immigration is positive. So, immigration reform – yes. Unbridled immigration – no. The same goes for nearly all things that need to be repaired. Police reform – fine. Dismantle police? No way. These days, there is a witch hunt over the police brutality issue that is unfortunately still an issue in the United States. But that is a far cry from allowing the anarchistic argument to dominate. Without law and order, the republic will indeed crumble. We need to restore a sense of order – but with respect – to the idea of policemen in the United States. Racism is not a problem because of the amount of African American people in prisons. But racism does need to be dealt with. But if racism was such a major problem in the United States, how did Barack Obama get elected to the Presidency?

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