NYC police stands up for policemen everywhere, and it’s going viral

by Leah Rosenberg

A member of the NYC police force finally had enough. No one is defending those who have given their lives to defend America. And now he’s speaking up.

NYC Police Gives it to the Press

If there is one speech to send around social media today, it is this one. It is a breath of fresh air to listen to the way this member of the NYC police stood up to what Americans, the press, and some government officials are doing to policemen around the United States.

These men and women have sacrificed a lot to bring more good into the world and help stop crime. They are true heroes.

How Dare America Disrespect Police

It’s true – a policeman – who is now known as a criminal – killed a Black man. The police have condemned it, America has condemned it. It was a horrific act. George Floyd should not have died the way he did.

But what has happened as a result of that is outrageous, to say the least. How dare Americans disrespect the police force in such a way? How dare they call to defund the men and women who have chosen a completely unselfish career? And the fact that some legislatures are on board? And the media? America has turned its back on the police, on these heroes. It is shocking.

As the NYC policeman in this video pointed out, it was Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd. It was NOT any policeman in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Kansas. No, they all were revolted by the act. So why is anyone calling to defund the police?

If no action was taken against Derek Chauvin, it would be logical that people would protest. But action HAS been taken. Policemen around the world have condemned the act. So destroying cities throughout America, stealing from businesses, murdering those who try to stop you – that has nothing to do with justice. It has nothing to do with racism. How can anyone possibly support these rioters?

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