Listening to this can make your day better

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish music truly has the power to uplift the soul. There are so many genres within Jewish music that everyone can find something to connect to.

Inspiring Jewish Music

Jewish music can be extremely inspiring. The tune, the words – it all comes together to create something meaningful.

Not all Jewish music is in Hebrew. In fact, there are many, many songs in English. Ari Goldwag is a famous Jewish singer who writes songs in both Hebrew and English.

This song is about having the right mindset going into everyday. Of course, things can go wrong. It is sometimes hard to remain positive when it feels like the day is totally out of our control.

But everyday when you wake up, just have in mind that “today’s gonna be a good day.”

All you need is a little bit of prayer and faith.

The Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the English part of the song (Courtesy of Lyrics Translate):

Today’s gonna be a good day.
No matter what comes down my way.
‘Cuz I’ve got something burning inside.
And I’ve already made up my mind.
Today’s the day, I’m a-OK.
Sunshine clears the clouds away.
Today’s the day, I’m gonna say
You keep tomorrow, I’ll take today.
Today’s the day, I’m a-OK
Sunshine clears the clouds away.
Today’s the day, I’m gonna pray
To keep on singing as the music plays.

With a smile I start my day.
Can’t leave it ’til I’m on my way.
All I’ve got is just today.
This one day I won’t give away.
With a smile I’m halfway there.
Say what they say but I don’t care.
Can’t get caught up in despair
All I need is just a prayer.

Motivation for Terror
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