How a BLM debate changed the mind of this young Black American

by Leah Rosenberg

Amir Odom says tells his personal story of what it was like to grow up as a Black American. And it is so revealing of the controlling media.

Being a Black American

The media and the Democrats want every Black American to think that they are victims. They want them to think that Whites are oppressing them. Amir Odom is just one person who has come out sharing the truth, but there are many.

Being brainwashed as a child had a huge effect on his life. As he says, he almost took his own life. Can you imagine that? He was being fed lies his entire life, and it made him depressed. But the more he discovered the truth, the more he began to feel differently about the world. The more that he stopped defining himself by what he was brainwashed to define himself as, the better he felt.

Joe Biden’s Campaign Ad

What is so frightening is that the Democrats are responsible for brainwashing Black Americans and forcing them to believe that they are less, when that is completely untrue.

Joe Biden had a campaign ad that forced Blacks to think they have something to fear waking up everyday in America. What a terrible thing to do! What a horrific and negative message.

It is those types of messages that bring down the Black community. It is those messages and techniques of brainwashing that bring down the quality of life for many people.

Joe Biden and his team should be ashamed of themselves.

Amir Odom realized the truth and improved his life, but definitely not thanks to Biden. Hopefully more Black Americans will search for the truth and find it, too.

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