Jews for Trump convoy physically attacked by Left wing rioters

by Phil Schneider

This is horrible and so very wrong. Disagree with the President, fine. Dislike the President, fine. But attacking supporters of the President? The red line has been crossed long ago, this is not even crazy, this is extremely sad. Once upon a time, people would be able to agree to disagree politically without leading to violence. We want those times back.

Yes, President Trump is not a politically correct President and people get emotional about him on both sides. But that should still leave violence against his supporters as taboo.

What you see is what you get with President Trump, and that disappoints a lot of people. He doesn’t hide his opinions with any filter, he just blurts out what he believes needs to be said. This is both refreshing to many and disturbing to many others.

It is refreshing because we don’t need to decipher what he thinks about any matter. He especially does not beat around the bush regarding any idea, organization or personality that he believes deserves to be called out. He also is not precise with his words, which gets him into trouble, but he is saying what so many others are thinking but just don’t have the guts to say.

Yet, to others, this is very disturbing because they want the President to be a role models for the nation in how he talks and refers to people, and they don’t want a President who calls other people names. I get that.

But still, they can vehementy dislike the man without vehemently disliking his supporters who are vindicated finally having a leader calling things out that they believe need to be said. Again, yes, the President should be more precise and respectful with his comments, but that is not his style or personality. He is not a career politician, he is a career working man who has always thrived with the working class. Some may say he is only effective because of how he communicates, how he is able to excite so many working class Americans because he is totally not a politician. Regardless, nothing justifies violence against his supporters.

When rioters protest with violence, they have no excuse. No matter what President Trump says or does, violence is inexcusable. Protests are healthy. Violent riots should be illegal. President Trump is not to blame for the violence.

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