Hostage Deal Clinched…

by Micha Gefen

Just as the IDF was about to break remainder of Hamas’ control in the northern Gaza Strip, a controversial hostage deal has been agreed upon between Hamas and the Israeli government.

According to the general outline, 50 hostages will be released over a 4 day period of time. In exchange, Israel will have a 4 day truce and release 3 terrorists for each of the hostages freed. Israel will also transfer humanitarian aid and fuel during the ceasefire.

Most of the government and even many in the opposition voted in favor of the deal. Otzma Yehudit voted against, pointing out that last time Israel freed security prisoners for Gilad Shalit, Sinwar was released. Sinwar is the military leader of Hamas and directly managed the October 7th attack.

As of now, it is still up in the air how many of the hostages are actually still alive as IDF forces have found a number of dead hostages in Gaza City. The Red Cross claims it is not part of the deal, even though Netanyahu says the agreement makes it clear they have to check the hostages.

Despite the deal, the IDF will continue to attack Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

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