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Honoring Israel’s fallen has taken on a new meaning this year


How can we honor Israel’s fallen this Memorial Day if we cannot commemorate all together like usual? This year will definitely be unique.

Memorial Day in Israel

Memorial Day in Israel is all too real. It is a heart-wrenching day. Everyone feels the grief. Some have lost blood relatives: Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters. Others have lost friends. And there are yet still others who feel as though they have lost their family members even without knowing any of them personally. Because as a Jew, we are all family. We are the Jewish people; the Jewish nation. We are the Jewish family. Memorial Day in Israel hits everyone hard.

But with COVID-19 and government-imposed restrictions, how can we commemorate the day? How can we honor those who have given up their lives so that we can live ours?

How to Commemorate This Year?

It is true – this year, we cannot go to ceremonies. We cannot commemorate as a nation in person. But here is where technology can be used for the ultimate good. We have the opportunity to learn about the lives taken from us far too soon. We have the ability to get a glimpse at who they were and why they are so deeply missed. Just take a look at https://www.honorisraelsfallen.com. What a beautiful initiative.

Yes, we have to stay “home.” But how blessed are we that we even have a place to call home. And we have Israel’s heroes to thank for that. We have to honor Israel’s fallen for that. So, on this Memorial Day, we will not be going out to ceremonies. But we will be honoring Israel’s fallen from home, because thank G-d, we as a Jewish people have a home. What a unique and special way to appreciate those who have given their lives on behalf of the nation and our Home.