Hilarious: See What President Biden’s Hand Gestures Really Mean

by Leah Rosenberg

This video has nothing to do with President Biden’s speech. And that’s what makes it so humorous! Comedy at its finest.

President Biden’s Hilarious Hand Gestures

Sometimes, we have to leave the serious stuff out of it. What makes this video so funny is that it is not about politics. Because not everything has to be about politics! This has nothing to do with what President Biden is saying -at all. In fact, you probably will not even notice or be able to pay attention to what he is talking about. The video has nothing to do with whether or not people agree with President Joe Biden politically or if they think he is doing anything positive as president. No, this is purely about humor and comedy. This is purely about President Biden’s hand gestures and how animated they are. Everyone has noticed the gestures. It is impossible not to! And now you’ll be imagining him shaking a baby bottle the next time you see him speak.

Comedy is there to make people laugh and enjoy life. Sometimes, people do indeed take it too far. Sometimes, they mock real issues that shouldn’t be mocked no matter what. But this short skit is perfect because it does not mock anything serious. It is not about a topic that people should not mock. It is just about some boxing, some hand soap pressing , and some baby bottle shaking. There is no targeting of one’s political affiliation, religion, skin color, ethnicity, or anything else. When comedy is used properly it can be absolutely hilarious for anyone watching.

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