Bedouins Riot, Attempt to Derail Train Over Planting in Southern Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Southern Israel has been the place of many Bedouin riots and much destruction. What are they angry about this time? Planting trees.

Bedouin Riots in Southern Israel Over Planting Trees

This is just horrific! More unrest and more riots from the Bedouins in Southern Israel. They put rocks on a train track, attempting to derail it. They stoned cars and buses, burned tires, and acted barbarically. Why? Because they are angry that the JNF, the Jewish National Fund, planted trees. The Bedouins claim that their land is being planted on. THEIR land? It most definitely does not belong to them. It is Jewish land and it is land that is having TREES planted on it. And therefore, they feel the need to destroy, stone innocent people on buses and in cars, and try to derail a train? Do people not realize how absurd this is?

Some rioters have been arrested, but is it really going to help bring an end to the madness?

Obviously, The Islamist Ra’am party, which is part of the current coalition in the government, was against tree planting and supported the violent Arab rioters. No one in the government should be supporting violence like this! They should be kicked out of the government!

The planting of trees did not stop, and there are no plans for it to stop. We must NEVER give in to terrorists or terrorism.

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