Amazon is Distributing Nazi Propaganda Worldwide

by Leah Rosenberg

You can buy the worst form of propaganda on the Internet today! Really? Yes. There is no limit to what one can buy on Amazon today. One may argue that in the interest of freedom of speech, this should be allowed. Well, no. Not everything should be allowed under freedom of speech. On the one hand, we need more freedom of speech today, but we should not support unbridled racist hatred online.

Putting boundaries on freedom of speech is indeed a very slippery slope. But featuring films from Nazi Germany for sale is clearly past whatever that boundary ought to be. The most important aspect of cutting back any freedom should be anything that directly threatens the physical well-being of a specific group.

Is there anything that falls more into this category than the films that were used in Nazi Germany before World War II to rile up the masses to hate Jews and blame them for all of the ills of society. It is clear that a line must be drawn.

What is more dangerous? Nazi films or people who are not allowed to feature posts that hurt the feelings of other people? Amazon needs to work on their red lines – and fast.

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