Hezbollah Threatens To Hit All Of Israel

by David Mark

With Iran and Russia working together to apply maximum pressure on Israel, Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah has now spoken up – threatening to hit all of Israel with his missiles.

Hezbollah is said to have 100,000 rockets. Many of these are now PGMs or precision guided missiles. PGMs are able to exploit weaknesses in the Iron Dome system and wreck havoc on Israeli population centers. When Nasrallah says he can hit al of Israel – he is not lying – with the PGMs and his Iranian made drones he certainly can.

This is why Israel’s agreements with Russia that allows it to attack Syria in order to stop Iran are so important. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu has brought up Lapid’s responsibility in destroying Israel’s relationship with Russia as part of the former PM’s campaign attack against his rival.

Without Russian allowance – Israel will fast become surrounded by its enemies. Given the quick deterioration in Israel’s security situation, it may not matter who becomes Prime Minister next. The Jewish State may already be bombarded by its enemies.

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