Hezbollah Is On High Alert As The Great Northern War Approaches

by David Mark

According to Alma Education and Research Center, Hezbollah is actively preparing for a direct armed conflict with Israel.

Over the last few months, tensions have risen between Israel and Hezbollah over the Karish Gas Field dispute. So far negotiations between Israel and Lebanon have stalled. Hezbollah has increased its threats against Israel and is threatening armed conflict?

Are these threats for real?

The Alma Research and Education Center a bipartisan organization with the mission of making in-depth geopolitical knowledge about the Middle East accessible to English speakers stated the following on their site about Hezbollah’s current movements and plans:

“Various reports indicate that Hezbollah is on high alert toward a possible confrontation with Israel due to the negotiations over the maritime borders. According to various reports, Hezbollah is on its highest alert since 2006. According to those reports, Hezbollah recently conducted a competency test for its command posts and military communications system. Hezbollah’s reserve array was put on alert (Hezbollah had between 20,000 and 30,000 reservists), Hezbollah units were called back to Lebanon from Syria, and operatives in south Lebanon were reinforced.”

If this report is correct, Hezbollah is preparing for something big – beyond the dispute over the Karish gas field. So what’s coming?

As the Iran deal is faltering due to Iranian non-acceptance, war is fast approaching. Israel has made it clear they are willing to attack Iran to prevent from reaching breakout. The Islamic Republic in Tehran knows this and is preparing a full fledged counter attack using Hezbollah.

So while Biden’s administration plays up divisions in the United States and actively pulls back America influence from the world, the Iranian-Russian-Chinese Axis is quickly tying a noose around the Jewish State. Russia and China have no interest in fighting directly, but aiding and abetting the Iranian attack is well within their interests. After all they can pick up the pieces afterwards.

Last week former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu came out of a meeting with current Prime Minister Yair Lapid visibly shaken on the government’s inability to halt the Iranian nuclear program as well as a lack of strategy on how to potentially deal with Iranian nuclear breakout.

“After leaving the security briefing, I must, unfortunately, say that I walked out even more concerned,” Netanyahu said in a statement given outside the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.“We will support any strong public stance against the nuclear agreement. Unfortunately, I don’t see such a public position, Lapid and [Defense Minister Benny] Gantz fell asleep on guard, the Biden administration rushes to what the head of the Mossad rightly calls a ‘disaster’, and they do nothing.”

With another fractured election outcome on its way, Israel faces an existential threat with an amateur leadership. While this may seem dire, one just has to go back to 1967 when Israel was led by one of its weakest leaders, Levi Eshkol and still miraculously defeated all of its enemies in 6 days.

Things are precarious, but Israel has faced worse and survived and thrived. With the Almighty’s assistance , all of our challenges here can be flipped around to victories in an instant.

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