Heartbreaking: Father of 9-Year-Old Hostage Shares What Daughter Revealed to Him After Her Release

by Leah Rosenberg

There is no way to sugercoat this. There is a massive human tragedy going on because of the War in Israel. Hundreds of thousands of people misplaced, more than a thousand innocent civilians killed, and many thousands traumatized due to loss of loved ones and kidnappings. The Jewish pain is simply unconscionable.

The Jewish refugees have absolutely no timetable as to when they will return to their homes. Many have lost their livelihoods. Their children have had to depart from their friends and live without their fathers for months without any clear end in sight. Older brothers, and yes, some older sisters too, are stuck on the front battling the modern-day Nazis who have beheaded, raped, and kidnapped Jews because they are Jews. Day-in and day-out, life has been disrupted for nearly every single Israeli family due to this Holy War by Arabs against Jews.

The mask of antisemitism of the Arabs in Israel has been removed by the terrible mass massacre on October 7th. It never had anything to do with Land – ever. In 1929, Arabs did not maim and kill Jews in Hebron because of Land. On October 7th, Arabs did not behead babies over Land. Six Arab Armies did not invade Israel in 1948 because of the occupation of the West Bank. The battle by the Arabs then and now was against the very existence of the Jewish State.

The human suffering of the Jewish people in Israel lingers on and on. But rest assured, this is not the same world as World War II. The Jewish people hit back and hit back hard. The terrorists who used world wide humanitarian funds to build thousands of tunnels will die in the tunnels they built like rats.

The world now can be split into two categories of people. Those who side with the modern-day Nazis and those who support the fight to destroy them. Those who waffle will wake up one day to the awful ramifications of sustained open-border policies in Europe and the United States. This is no time to stand in the middle on matters of good vs. evil. Israel is just the front-lines of the battle against radical Islam. The rest of the West is also part of the battle. Only leaders with clarity about radical Islam should be elected into Congress and the Oval Office.

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