Letter in Yemen from 800 Years Ago Exposes the Truth About Muslims

by Leah Rosenberg

This letter in Yemen written by the famous Jewish sage the Rambam reveals something about Muslims that the world refuses to admit.

The Ancient Letter in Yemen

If only the world knew history. Or maybe they know it and they choose to ignore it. But the problem is, history reveals the truth about what you need to know regarding what the world likes to call the Middle East conflict. When will people wake up and see that Muslims murdering Jews is not about land? When will they realize that Muslims have persecuted Jews for hundreds and hundreds of years? This letter in Yemen is not from a few years ago. It’s from more than 800 years ago! And it was written by one of the greatest Jewish sages of all time, the Rambam or Maimonides.

The Muslims who try to murder the Jewish people don’t want land and they don’t want to live peacefully with Jews. They want to destroy the one and only Jewish state, and they want to murder Jews everywhere.

The truth is so, so obvious. People really have to cover their eyes not to see it. And even then it is blaring and loud! You don’t need to be a genius to learn history and see reality.

Wake up, world. This is not only about the Jewish people. Israel is fighting your war on the front lines. You have no choice but to defend Israel and the Jewish nation. You either stand with Israel or you stand with Muslim terrorism. The right side should be obvious. So pick it.

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