Hamas killed woman and baby, and the media blamed Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, it happened again. The media blamed Israel for Hamas’ terrorism. The knee-jerk reaction to blame Israel for anything that happens in Gaza is beyond pathetic. This is just ridiculous, to say the least! There should be an international uproar!

The Media Blamed Israel for…

The media blamed Israel for something they did not do. Israel does not target civilians, but bends over backwards to avoid striking back at terrorists hiding behind civilians. Hamas, on the other hand, DELIBERATELY targets Israeli civilians! Israel will go as far as to abort missions if there are innocent people in the vicinity. The problem is that Hamas places those people in the area purposely. They use human shields. They commit war crime after war crime.

And that is why this pregnant woman and her baby were killed – because HAMAS misfired a rocket aimed to murder Israelis. It was not an Israeli airstrike that killed the woman and her child. It was HAMAS!

Wake Up to the Truth

This is just another example of the truth that the world is ignoring. Hamas wants violence, Israel wants peace. Hamas is a terrorist organization, Israel is a democracy. The fact that Hamas killed its own people from misfiring a rocket is just a tiny fraction of the harm they cause to their own people and to Jews.

So, wake up world. Wake up to the truth! It cannot possibly be ANY more clear…

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