Israel’s Best Diplomatic Friend in Germany

by Avi Abelow

Fabulous interview with US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. The interviewer Orit Arfa does a wonderful job of engaging him about a variety of issues, especially about Israel.

Germany has been blessed with a moral conscience, although some Germans politicians resist it. The US Ambassador to Germany, who enjoys close relations with the American president, has ruffled some feathers in Berlin for candidly advocating for American and humanist values, and, of course, that includes standing by Israel’s side, combating Islamic terrorism, and commemorating the Holocaust and fighting anti-semitism. He is now pushing for Germany to recognize the political (and not just military) wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, to stop doing business with the genocidal Iran and other shady characters (like Russia and China), and to hold up to its NATO commitments.

In this candid interview with American-Israel journalist Orit Arfa, the Ambassador speaks very candidly about why these issues are so important to him, how he came to love Israel, Europe’s clinging to the Iran deal, and also other matters close to his heart, like LGBT rights and surviving cancer. Grenell also recently visited Israel as part of a diplomatic delegation that went on the March of Living tour through Auschwitz and Jerusalem. As Gaza fired its rockets into Israel, he came to Israel’s defense on social media and in general. Get to know this true mensch through the interview, and follow him on Twitter. Who knows? He might follow you back too!

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