Hamas just told the world why Israel must protect the Gaza border

by Avi Abelow

Israel is fighting at the front lines against terrorism. And some of the world really thinks they should back away and not protect the Gaza border?

Israel MUST Protect the Gaza Border

In 2005, Israel completely disengaged from Gaza. Not one Jew was left. It was a tragic and heartbreaking time in Israel’s history. Without getting into details of the politics behind the controversial move, the Palestinian Arabs COULD have built their own flourishing state. Israel left Gaza with beautiful buildings and nature; with greenhouses and trees. But the Palestinian Arabs destroyed it. And they chose Hamas.

So, why does the world blame Israel for the suffering in Gaza? Palestinian Arabs suffer because Hamas is in control. They have no state of their own because of Hamas and their leadership. They would rather destroy the Jewish state and nation than create their own state. And after watching a video like this, do you really think Israel is going to surrender and not protect the Gaza border? Do you really think that they are just going to allow terrorists to enter the country and murder innocent Israelis? Think again.

This is Who the World Sides With

Take a look at who the world sides with over Israel. This video is of a senior Hamas leader named Fathi Hammad. His goals are clear. He said that Hamas has built a new factory. For what? For making suicide vests to be given to Palestinian Arab girls (and boys) – CHILDREN – in order to storm the Israeli border and blow up Israeli families.

Now you know why the IDF protects the border with Gaza.

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