Hamas Head Threatens to Kill Israelis Over Corona Equipment

by Avi Abelow

This is an absolute disgrace! He uses millions of dollars of international aid to murder Israelis instead of helping his own citizens and now he threatens Israel? And where is the media!

Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar threatened Israel saying “if ventilators are not brought into Gaza then we will take them by force from Israel and stop the breathing of over 6 million Israelis”

This is the same Yahya Sinwar who said “we will take down the Israeli border and tear out their hearts from their bodies”

Ironically, The Hamas terror organization that Sinwar heads is also responsible for spending tens of millions of dollars, of international aid, on a whole network of terror tunnels infiltrating Israel that include sophisticated ventilation systems with oxygen tanks!

Imagine if they’d use that international aid to help their people in Gaza instead.

Some Mainstream media outlets have used the coronavirus to remind people that Gaza has been on corona-like lockdown for 14 years. Reuters shared a tweet from Gaza actually saying that.

While media outlets around the world publish this blood libel making it look as if ISRAEL is responsible for the situation in Gaza, including the Gazans sick with corona, how many of them will publish the truth about Hamas’ responsibility for the sorry state of their medical facilities and their sick? And how many will actually give some balanced reporting asking why donor countries around the world have been silent about Hamas’ decades of abuse of international aid?

Israel is willing to help anyone and every entity to save lives, even our enemies! Always. That is the true Israel you hear about from us, ignored by mainstream media. Be inspired by the trut, be inspired by Israel and the Jewish people!

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