Beatles Comeback Just For Corona

by Phil Schneider

Hygiene saves lives – literally. That is one of the key lessons of this difficult Coronavirus pandemic. It is one of many things to learn from this time we live in. One of the other things to learn is to recognize just how lucky we are to live in a time where so many hospitals are filled with health-care workers that are so dedicated to saving lives.

The most important of all things to learn from this time period though is not about physical aspects of our lives but spiritual. Who can ever take the most precious things in life for granted again after a few weeks like this. What do we really have in this world outside of our families and our homes. And even that is all one big gift from God. Every breath we take is indeed a gift from God and every day that we live is something to not take for granted.

In order to protect our loved ones in today’s day and age, we are told to stay away from the elderly population. But that is not enough. We also have to take care of our own general hygiene in order to defeat this deadly virus. We are asked to sacrifice of our own private lives in order to save the lives of thousands and tens of thousands.

What we always took for granted as a given – our jobs, the stability of the economy, and our freedom of movement – have all disappeared in a matter of weeks. Yes, this is temporary, but it is not a quick passing virus. It is a long-lasting virus that may very well be with us for many months ahead. Let’s remember to wash our hands, but also to remember to thank God for every day we are alive.

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