The Real Source Of COVID-19 Will Shock You

by Micha Gefen

More and more MSM outlets are finally asking the right questions about the Communist Chinese Party’s origin story for COVID-19.

In the beginning, the CCP claimed that the virus started in the Wuhan wet market, where all sorts of animals are sold for food. The initial claim was that the virus had been transmitted to humans through the eating of bats.

While bats are increasingly being seen as the originator of many types of coronavirus’s, the fact is that bats were not even sold at the wet market in Wuhan.

Of course, an infected person could have travelled a short distance and infected plenty of others in the wet market, giving the appearance that the virus originated there.

However, a more likely scenario is that the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan biolab, located just 300 meters from the wet market. This biolab as involved in researching the correlation between coronaviruses and bats. It doesn’t take a genius to see the connection between the biolab and the coronavirus outbreak.

More than that, one of the lead scientists have been scrubbed from the site, with many professionals seeking her whereabouts. She has been dubbed patient 1, as many believe she was the person who first contracted the virus from the samples they took.

No matter the unfolding story, one thing is clear. The CCP version is becoming shaky.

David Ignatious from the Washington Post said the following:

“There’s a competing theory — of an accidental lab release of bat coronavirus — that scientists have been puzzling about for weeks. Less than 300 yards from the seafood market is the Wuhan branch of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers from that facility and the nearby Wuhan Institute of Virology have posted articles about collecting bat coronaviruses from around China, for study to prevent future illness. Did one of those samples leak, or was hazardous waste deposited in a place where it could spread?”

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