The Divine Purpose Behind Corona

by Phil Schneider

Chaos is growing. The uncertainty and fear that the coronavirus has unleashed on the world has been unparalleled on a global scale for generations. Yet, despite the collapse of the world order we have grown used to, all of what we are seeing – good and bad, is a creation of the Almighty. So why is this happening?

We have grown used to a world built on the immediate fulfillment of our inner desires. More and more, these desires and the means to fulfill them have distracted us from our real purpose – connection. We are here to connect to our true inner self. We are here to connect to one another. All of the world is here in order to help us connect to our Divine Creator. How exactly the world shutting down it’s practices somehow will benefit us all is a mystery. Rabbi Manis Friedman sheds light on the essence of what we are truly experiencing.

All of the hidden meanings behind what is going on will not be revealed to us in a matter of days. But over time, we will come to understand more and more. And, yes, at the end of days we will understand the secrets of this world in ways that we never imagined. We are becoming free and liberated from our old habits that we have been owning for years. Now is our perfect opportunity to truly embrace change and rethink our priorities. Why do we wake up in the morning? Let us hope that God will light up our life with the truths that we all need, so that we can truly see the light.

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