Group of Jews barred from drinking from water on Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

It is sad to see what is happening on the Temple Mount. The discrimination here is against a group of Jews. But Muslims are allowed to do anything…

The Bias Against a Group of Jews

The world wants you to think that Muslims have no rights in Israel. They want you to think that Israelis discriminate against them. But that is a horrific lie! You can even see from this video how Jews are treated on the Temple Mount – the holiest Jewish site! A group of Jews were on the Temple Mount and tried to get some water from the sink. They were stopped by Israeli police, yet a Muslim woman was allowed to drink the water…

Although it is not the Israeli police’s fault that they have to stop Jews from doing things like drinking water and praying on the Temple Mount, it is sad that this is what’s happening in 2019. The Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish people. It is where the past Jewish Temples stood and where the Third Temple will be rebuilt. Yet Jews are discriminated against there!

But the Muslims Can do Anything

The Muslims, on the other hand, are allowed to do anything they want on the Temple Mount. They can riot. They can play soccer. Muslims desecrate the holy site with activities like snowball fights, yet they claim it is holy to them as well? They can yell at Christians and Jews for praying; for minding their own business, but then they go ahead and throw chairs and act violently.

Why can’t more of the world see the real issues taking place on the Temple Mount?

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