G-d Exists, and this Evidence Proves Atheists Wrong

by Leah Rosenberg

Even atheists get stuck and have a hard time refuting G-d’s existence. Science proves G-d exists, it does not refute His existence.

Atheists Can’t Deny This Evidence

G-d clearly exists and created a beautiful, complex world. It makes absolutely no sense to claim that the world just came into existence. To claim that there is no purpose to human life or anything else is ludicrous. Science proves G-d. And it seems that even atheists cannot fight the truth. They might try, but as this video pointed out, they can’t. They get stuck. There are too many things that don’t add up if you try to explain them without G-d in the picture.

How can one explain the growth of human life inside a woman’s body? The fact that a heart grows and beats, that an entire being was created? You cannot explain that without G-d. It is miraculous! Even something as seemingly small as a seed being planted and then bearing fruit! The world is filled with miracles. The “natural” becomes miraculous when you open your eyes.

The more one opens his eyes to G-d’s existence and Divine intervention in the world, the more he will see it. He will realize that G-d is orchestrating every event in his life and in the world at large.

Life is better knowing that G-d is in control. A weight will be lifted off your shoulders. And science proves it anyway, so scientists should stop trying to disprove G-d’s existence. It is much more rational to believe than to not. So for those who seem to “need” proof of G-d’s existence, the proof is there.

Col. Kemp

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