Caught Red Handed: White House Press Secretary Has Lied Every Single Day

by Phil Schneider

The United States Executive Branch is presently occupied by a man who is as no longer mentally fit or able to make major decisions. Meaning, he can not go to a doctor on his own, nor decide what medications he needs to take or when to take them. This is because Biden is clearly in the early stages of dementia wherein a person suffering from the disease needs assistance to carry out basic every day activities. There are millions of caregivers and relatives of people with dementia in the United States of America. They all can clearly identify the glazed looks on Biden’s face as the face of a person who is confused.

Then how can Joe Biden even function at all as President? The answer is via a whole lot of coaching, hand-holding, and script-following. It goes like this. Before every meeting – right before the meeting, Biden is coached about what to expect at the meeting. Then, he is given reminder cards or papers with pictures, names, and key things to serve him as reminders. Then, during the meeting, he has people reminding him via ear pieces, what to say, how to respond, and how to basically keep the charade going without doing too much damage.

But more importantly, the meetings are all scripted in advance to follow a clear plan so that no surprises will pop up in the middle. People in Biden’s state don’t handle surprises well. And then, there are the few go to words and phrases – such as C’mon, and other sayings that Biden practices each day with his aides.

Of course, the big question then is who is pulling the strings on this puppet Presidency? It is certainly his closest advisors, and the one name that is rarely mentioned is Barack Obama. He is probably setting the top 3 agenda items every day. His appointees are largely in senior positions in the White House and the policies of the Obama administration are largely being continued in Biden’s term. But most of this will come crashing down in the 2022 mid-term elections when the Republicans will probably sweep across the nation with victories.

Then, the big question is what will Barack Obama decide to do next after the Democrats lose control over Congress? Leave Biden in power or ask him to gingerly step down based on illness? Jill Biden will probably call Obama and say that things are getting worse, so Biden will probably not last past the mid-terms. Most people think that Kamala Harris is not the right answer to replace Biden as her popularity is waning. But I think she will become the first female President, and Obama will do his most to make sure that she carries out as many of his policies as he can get implemented. 2023 and 2024 will be years of major gridlock and bring a return to massive partisanship and fractiousness. That should pave the way for a uniting force in the White House in 2024 – like Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, or a surprise non-ideological moderate outsider from the Democrat side. Nearly any option would be better than the situation today.

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