The Debate about G-d and Morality that has Silenced all Atheists

by Leah Rosenberg

Do G-d and morality go hand in hand? Can there be morality without G-d? What do the Ten Commandments have to do with it all?

G-d and Morality

PragerU did an excellent job making this video about G-d and morality. Many people in the world, especially atheists, don’t realize that you can’t really take G-d out of the picture. Atheists want to claim that they would know what good and bad is without a G-d. They want to claim that morality is universally accepted in the world just because. But why does morality exist? And who enforces it? Who says murder is wrong?

Dennis Prager answers these questions in a short amount of time. Yes, you can always debate more. But for a video that is under 6 minutes, Prager’s arguments are brilliant. He makes points that many don’t think about.

Can you imagine a world with no war? No murder, robbing, or terror attacks? No fears of Iran attaining a nuclear weapon? A world where everyone was keeping the Ten Commandments? A day like that will come when the final redemption comes; when the Messiah comes. But until then, we must continue to educate the world about G-d and the moral code He gave us. We must continue to educate on the power of religion and believing in a One, Omnipotent G-d.

G-d exists, and He cares that we follow His word. He cares about the way we act toward one another. Let’s show Him that we care, too.


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