Israeli PM Gives Message to Biden at White House After Kabul Attacks

by Leah Rosenberg

The new Israeli PM Naftali Bennett shared some warm words with President Biden after 13 US service members were killed in Afghanistan.

Israeli PM Comments at White House After Kabul Attacks

Israel and America fight together against the evils of the world. They struggle side by side to bring peace. And sometimes, that struggle brings about much pain and hardship. Israeli PM Bennett and US President Biden both know that lives are lost while defending the values that Israel and America both stand for. It is painful, and no one wants lives lost. No matter what side of the political spectrum one stands on, we never want casualties.

As Bennett said, “The American service members lost their lives while on a mission to save other people’s lives, and that’s the very definition of courage and sacrifice. May they rest in peace.” Those are heartfelt words from the prime minister of a country who sadly knows what it means to lose servicemen.

America and Israel stand side by side. Even when there are tensions between the allies, they both represent the same values of freedom, peace, and democracy; of a love of life and people. May the world no of no more sadness!

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