Fox News Journalist on the War: Hamas Blatantly Lies

by Leah Rosenberg

The incessant questions in the press about the War in Gaza nearly always revolve around astronomical numbers about all of the Arab refugees and all of the Arabs who have been killed in battle. The questions are misplaced. They are all part of a narrative that portrays Israel as the Goliath that took a bloody nose on October 7th, but now is destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of so called poor “Palestinians.” Let’s organize the matter and clarify what truly matters and separate out fact from fiction.

The War in Gaza was launched by thousands of terrrorists from Gaza who have the clear financial support of Iran and Qatar, the moral support of the vast majority of the Arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, and the support of most of the anti-Israel press across the world. There are exceptions. Many of the non-powerful people in Iran do not support terrorism, but they are stuck under the rule of a dictatorship. Some, though not many of the Arabs in Gaza, do not support terrorism, but they are stuck under the rule of a dictatorship. And some of the anti-Israel press genuinely support Israel, but cannot handle the idea that tens of thousands of Arab women and children are killed in war.

The world includes some cruel realities. Young children in Iran are stuck. Non-radical Iranian men and women are stuck. It has been like that since 1979 when the Ayatollahs took over, kidnapped hundreds of Americans, and basically began a dictatorship that has lasted till today. From then till today, Iran has never stopped working to destroy the State of Israel, and then afterwards the West. They have been plotting and implementing a Holy War, a jihad, against all of the infidels – Jews, Christians, and other non-believers. Sounds primitive? It is. But their weapons are not primitive, and they mean every word that they scream from mosques, teach in their schools, and declare at mass funerals. The meaning of the words, “Kill the Jews” is exactly that – Kill the Jews. One does not need to understand much Arabic to comprehend their intentions. When tens of thousands of Arabs in Gaza scream “kill the Jews,” they mean exactly what they say. Since October 7th, nobody who cares about Jewish blood can think otherwise.

The cruel reality is that either Israel eradicates the threat of Hamas completely or it allows a large organized “Kill the Jews” movement to fester in it’s midst. So does that mean Israel must displace hundreds of thousands of Arabs, and kill tens of thousands of terrorists, while killing tens of thousands of Arab women and children in the process? The answer is that war is cruel. Yes, there is no other way, outside of allowing the threats to kill Jews to go unchecked and once again grow into a full-blown tunnel, missile and machine-gun movement to kill Israelis.

Either Israel kills or gets killed. Of course no targeting of women and children can be done. But all of the poor Arabs that are stuck in the clutches of Hamas have been subjected to their unfortunate fate by Hamas terrorists who have imprisoned them in their dictatorial clutches and shoot at Israelis with women and children used as human shields.

The job of pro-Israel members of the press is to comprehend the complexities of war and reject the knee-jerk anti-Israel questioning that “cannot accept” tens of thousands of Arab women and children being killed in a war. Welcome to the hell on earth that Hamas created. Nikki Haley saw through all of this clearly when she simply declared “Finish them.” There is only one hope for these women and children – the Israeli Army. Otherwise, they will continue to live a life of hell on earth in the clutches of terrorists.

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