Watch: Female IDF Tank Crews Heroically Fought Hamas in 17 Hour Battle on Oct. 7

by Leah Rosenberg

These female IDF soldiers acted with heroism beyond words. They saved countless lives on Oct. 7 by killing dozens of Hamas terrorists.

The Heroic Female IDF Tank Crews

This has got to be one of the most unbelievable stories in Jewish history. These special women fought against the barbaric Hamas terrorists on that horrific day of Oct. 7. Even more innocent Israeli men, women, and children could have been murdered if it wasn’t for these female IDF soldiers.

It’s amazing what they were able to do in such a stressful and unthinkable situation. These women had no idea what type of fighting they would need to do or what awaited them. They didn’t know how grave the situation really was. The female IDF tank crews did things they were not even trained to do and didn’t know how to do. And they not only managed with what they were given, they were victorious in the battles that they fought. They rose to the occasion. They carried out their duties with the utmost bravery.

The heroic battle that these tank crews fought should be publicized far and wide. It’s really remarkable.

There are real superheroes in the world. And you just heard a story about some of them. You heard a story about the women in the IDF who used superhuman strength – both physically and mentally – to help prevent even more Israeli casualties. They didn’t give up and they didn’t stop the battle until they knew they had accomplished their goal.

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