Former Leftist Influencer in Israel Destroys the “Liberal” Left

by Avi Abelow

Do not miss this unbelievable take down of the Israeli left by a former leftist himself, who woke up to realize that he was lied to.

Dr. Gadi Taub clearly point out how the “enlightened”, “liberal”, elites of the left are not just not the protectors of democracy, they are not even liberal!

It is important to understand the context. Dr. Gadi Taub himself was once an intellectual of Israel’s left, yet woke-up and today is a outspoken against the hypocrisy of the leftist camp that he grew up in and once led.

In a recent article published in Tablet magazine calling out New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman for mis-understanding Israel, Taub wrote the following:

Friedman is right that Israel’s democracy is in danger, but Netanyahu’s government is not the source of peril. The real danger comes from the court itself, which is now asserting a made-up “right” to remove a sitting prime minister—that is, to nullify the results of a legal election and eclipse Israel’s democratic politics and institutions through its own self-perpetuating fiat. The protest movement that arose to defend the court’s power (and its backers among the country’s economic and military elite) are together attempting to block the redemocratization of Israeli politics, as the reforms intended to do.

This is not some innovative hypothesis. If you read Hebrew, you can hear some protesters and their backers in the country’s establishments announcing their intentions more or less explicitly: Democracy is the very thing they are out to prevent. The movement’s ideologues are longtime staunch opponents of the democratic form of government who have devoted whole academic careers to opposing it; their political leaders in parliament and outside it use the term “democracy” in a deliberately deceptive way, as they sometimes admit; and their street-level ringleaders more or less openly confess disdain for the mass of enfranchised citizens. Most poignantly, when it comes to the rebelling IDF reservists—virtually all of them from elite unites, mostly in the air force—they don’t even bother with lip service to the idea of majoritarian decision-making. Rather, they express open contempt for the majority of Israel’s citizens, peppered with thinly veiled references to ethnicity, religiosity, and class.

As you can see, the protest movement in Israel is anti-democratic, anti-the Jewish people, and being run with the full intent of destroying Israel’s economy and our security, all to get rid of Netanyahu and the right-wing government.

And masses of people have literally been brainwashed to support this and join the protest movement, because that is part of the agenda of the establishment media, to topple this government at all costs.

The bottom line is that our establishment Jewish/Israeli media are telling us that the judical reform will destroy Israeli democracy when it’s the exact opposite. The judicial reform is about strengthening Israeli democracy, just watch this video for more details, and this elite-led protest movement against the judicial reform is anti-democractic and destroying Israeli democracy.

Now, you know me, With it all, even though these Israeli elite think they will succeed. I promise you that they will fail.
The Jewish people throughout history have survived, not because of our brains or our business acumen, but because of our faith in G-d above and following our traditions. These secular elites might delude themselves into thinking that they can temporarily destroy Israeli society in order to protect their roles of power in Israeli society, but they are wrong.
And, again, for all of you. Don’t get depressed by all this. Get inspired!

We will overcome them like we overcome all of our challenges, throughout history. Thanks to G-d above.
But the most important thing is knowing what is really going on, and not trusting the media or the so-called Jewish-leaders and organizations who are refraining from telling you the full story.

The power of the Jewish people, always was and always will be, our connection and faith in the one above.
Am Yisrael Chai!

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