The Financial War of Israel’s Elite to Topple the Government

by Avi Abelow

The following video is from a radio interview with Kobi Richter, A successful Israeli entrepreneur/businessman, who is extremely active politically in trying for years to get rid of Netanyhau, and he also happens to be close to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, one of the main leaders of the anti-government protest movement today.

Richter says it all when he tells the interviewer “We are the economy of Israel. We are the security of Israel”. Richter, and his fellow leftist elites of Israel believe that they are Israel, and Israel is them. Hence, they have every right to do everything, even hurt the Israeli economy to hurt Israelis, and damage Israel’s security by refusing to serve in the IDF, in order to topple a government that they don’t like.

This is the whole story of the protest movement in Israel today in one short video.

Don’t worry. Richter, Barak and their fellow elites will not succeed. The Jewish people are much stronger than this tiny minority of business and IDF leaders. They are misguided, thinking that their business skills and progressive values is all what the Jewish state of Israel is about. But, they are wrong. The Jewish state of Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people where all Jews can live in peace and prosperity, together with all non-Jews citizens as well.

Our claim to our land is the Bible. And our successful stay in our land is continuing our connection to the one above and following our national traditions, which have kept us surviving as a people for thousands of years, through persecution after persecution, exile and exile.

While this protest movement looks scary, it is just a blip in the story of the Jewish people. We will overcome it as we have covercome much worse challenges in the past.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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