For All Those Environmentalists Out There – You’ll Love This About Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is a dry country. So how can it create forests? Listen closely – even for those who aren’t environmentalists, you’ll be amazed.

Why Environmentalists Should Support Israel

Israel not only has given to the medical world. It not only has invented various devices and gadgets to benefit the world at large. Israel has not only given to the farming world either. Israel has also helped the environment and dedicated resources toward bettering nature. Environmentalists worldwide should be raving about Israel! And even those who are not as aware of the environment around us and what is needed to protect it should still applaud Israel for its efforts. Israel is truly accomplishing magnificent things.

It is not natural for Israel to be able to grow so many trees in the type of dry place that it is. And yet, they have. They have grown forests. They have dedicated their resources toward bettering the world in so many ways that it is shocking every time someone denies Israel’s goodness and contributions.

Why would anyone want to refuse such an amazing place the right to exist? Aside from the fact that it is pure antisemitism to deny the Jewish people the right to their ancient, G-d given homeland, it is also pure stupidity to try to wipe the Jewish state off the map. Planet Earth would be losing out.

The world would not be what it is today without the inventions, innovations, and contributions of the one and only Jewish state that exists.

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