Muslims in Jaffa Violently Fight Off Arresting Police Officers at Restaurant

by Leah Rosenberg

Are you wondering why these Muslims at a Jaffa restaurant have to be arrested? This is an absolutely insane story!

Anti-Israel Jaffa Restaurant

This is an extremely popular Arab owned restaurant in Jaffa. Many Israelis go there.

Last year, this restaurant made the news because the owner is a huge supporter of anti-Israel groups. And yet, Israelis still go there. They also even have discriminating, separate lines for Jews and Arabs. Israelis STILL go because they don’t know this.

And what happened now? Yesterday, police went to the restaurant to arrest the managers for illegally hiding illegal Arab infiltrators. Yes, you read that right. There is an extremely valid reason that the managers are being arrested. This video shows the Arab workers in the restaurant attacking the police officers.

If these Arabs hate Israel so much, they don’t have to live in Israel. They can go to one of the 22 Arab countries that they have. No one is forcing them to stay. They are ungrateful for the opportunities that the Jewish state has given them. But for those Arabs who realize how blessed they are to live in a free and democratic state, they are always welcome to live in the Jewish homeland.

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