Watch: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exposed in 10 Seconds

by Phil Schneider

The Arabs in the Middle East are not exactly like the Arabs who have moved out to the Western world. They don’t assimilate into the culture that they live in at all. They have largely retained their Middle Age hopes to one day remove all infidels from the entire Middle East. That includes Jews, Christians, and all non-Muslims.

There have been so many ways of analysis of what the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East is. Well, more important that any other way if looking at it, one needs to understand that at the heart of the conflict is that one side – the Arab side wants to kill the other side – the Jews. Dennis Prager summed it up so perfectly when he explained this. So many people assume that if the Arabs and Jews are fighting each other, then there must be two sides to the issue, and each side has a valid argument. But this is flatly wrong. The Jewish people have brought nothing but prosperity to the region, and most of the Arabs in the Middle East know this to be 100% true. But the leadership of the Arab people has been anti-Jewish for centuries, and has not changed one iota.

That is why the key to calm is prosperity in the region based on the Abraham Accords set up during the Trump administration. When enough Arabs realize that if they follow their leadership, they have so much to lose, then they will ignore the present Arab leadership and just bypass them. That is what Bahrain, UAE, and soon other Arab countries – have all decided. Rather than continue with the anti-Israel line, they have much more to gain doing business with Israel than fighting Israel. When a few more countries in the Middle East reach this conclusion, calm will take over.

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