Firebomb destroys Christian Broadcaster Daystar’s Jerusalem studio

by Leah Rosenberg

Tragedy struck Christian Broadcaster Daystar’s Jerusalem studio. They were in the middle of beautiful renovations when an arsonist burned down the studio.

Christian Broadcaster Daystar

Daystar is a popular Christian broadcaster. It is one of the largest. The studio overlooked the Temple Mount and Mount Zion. And then it was burned down – purposely. The studio was finishing up beautiful renovations when the attack occurred. You can see the before and after pictures – the devastation.

It is a shame when such destruction occurs. Especially when it was not even an accident. It was intentional. A firebomb. An arsonist. Who would do such a thing? It is so wrong to destroy what others have built.

Stop the Hate

The unnecessary hatred in the world must stop. Such hatred – right across from the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is where the Temple once stood and will stand again. It is a place for God’s presence. And to have such evil take place right across from that location is almost ironic.

Hopefully one day soon there will be no more arson. No more attacks on any religion. No more terrorism. And the world will just be a place filled with peace and following God’s word.


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