Fifth Terrorist Killed from Gaza Border Fence Violence is a 13-Year-Old Boy

by Avi Abelow

Reports are coming in that the fifth Gazan has been killed as a result of yesterday’s violent riots on the Gaza border. This fifth terrorist killed was only 13 years old, raised to be sent to the front lines by a genocidal society called “palestine“, with the encouragement of an educational system and parents that raise them to kill Jews. It makes us Israelis very sad that young kids are being used as violent terrorists, but we will do everything we have to in order to protect ourselves. It is up to the Arab Muslims to stop using their women, children and elderly as human shields and violent terrorists.

The following video is just one of many showing these young kids being used in the Gaza border violence and then being shot by the IDF. It is not necessarily the 13 year old terrorist reported to have died from his wounds.

This Tweet Says it All

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