Father injured when Gaza rocket hit his home in Southern Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s heartbreaking to hear a young boy describe the moment his father was injured when Gaza rockets were launched into Israel. This boy’s home took a hit.

Gaza Rockets

Since Israel left the Gaza strip in 2005, Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel. They have killed countless people. They have destroyed lives, property, and they have left children and adults alike with everlasting trauma.

Imagine worrying about your children when they are in the park or out with their friends – or even at home. Israelis living in proximity to the Gaza strip have had to deal with the shock and death that these Gaza rockets have caused for more years than the world wants to admit.

When a Father Gets Injured

No one wants to see their father, the person who they look up to for protection, get injured. Well, that is the reality for too many. And that is the reality that Shalev Levy now has in his memory forever.

Shalev Levy was just playing in his house when the dreaded rocket alarm went off. His father told him to go to the sheltered protected room, as is common when the siren goes off. After the alarm stopped, his father went outside. After a few short seconds, another alarm went off. Hamas fired more rockets – only to kill, harm, and destroy. And sadly, a rocket caused injury to Shalev’s father Avi in that second attack. A rocket hit the Levy’s house.

It is heartbreaking to hear a young boy describe a rocket attack – by his father’s hospital bed. These attacks are something that happen too often for many Israelis.

If you wouldn’t want your children to experience such pain, then speak up and speak against what is happening in Gaza. Call out Hamas for what they are – murderers and terrorists.


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