One Israeli startup is changing the future of meat

by Leah Rosenberg

Hunger, pollution, global warming, and animal cruelty are some of the many issues that are discussed today. In general, one invention cannot make an enormous impact on so many varied fields.

Welcome SuperMeat.

Does it taste like real meat?

Well, they will say it is.  but it sounds hard to believe.  Can meat that is produced independent of the animal’s body actually taste like real meat?

It’s not hard to believe that it will be healthier, more eco-friendly, and animal friendly.  The question is the taste.  The team at SuperMeat includes food engineers and chefs.  They are there to insure that the food is not merely cost-efficient and eco-friendly.  Most of all, it has to be delicious.

Is it real?

It may seem like science fiction, but it is real.  There are so many people in the world who want to eat meat yet don’t want to harm animals.

They picked up 3 million in investment recently with a simple message – Real Meat, without harming animals.  It is definitely cool and

Last but not least, it will transform the cost of eating meat too.  They claim that it is simple logic.  “Culturing meat and mass producing it is cheaper than growing and feeding billions of animals.”  Sounds reasonable.




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