The Poster Loving Child-Terrorist the Media Loves

by Avi Abelow

Her name is Ahed Tamimi and the media loves her. She looks great on screen, and makes the fight against Israel look so innocent and pure. Yet, she is a sick terrorist, groomed as such by her parents since she was a little child. She doesn’t carry out the terror attacks herself, but she is the PR front to help make Israel look bad in the media to create compassion for the actual terrorists.

Tamimi is no innocent child

Just listen to what she says in the above video. She calls upon everybody to do “stabbings, martyrdom, suicide bombings, throwing stones, everyone must do these things so we can unite this way”. That is not the way an innocent non-violent protester speaks. She is a full supporter of the worst kind of terrorism to kill innocent Israelis.

The Picture the NGO World and Media Paint of Tamimi

The Truth

She was just released from prison for an 8 month term for slapping an Israeli soldier. She has slapped and hit soldiers before, but she was just a kid. Now she is older and able to be punished. She has been doing this since she was a little girl. It is all a show. She only does these things when the cameras are all set up around her and record everything that happens. Since she looks good and innocent on screen, she has constantly been used as a PR tool to generate sympathy for the fight against Israel, by easily making Israel look bad. Any picture or video of children standing up to IDF soldiers looks bad in the press. And Tamimi’s parents know that and they have groomed her for years to generate anti-Israel headlines this way.

Horrible Treatment in Prison

While the media skewers Israel for our horrible, inhumane treatment of Tamimi and other terrorists in our jail, it was refreshing that she was actually recorded on camera exposing the truth. You won’t believe what she says!

BDS Exposed
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