Fascinating Hebrew Inscription Dug Up in Northern Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem is not the only place in Israel filled with archaeology and history coming to life. Look what was found in Northern Israel!

Hebrew Inscription in Northern Israel

This is amazing. Jewish law being discussed on an inscription in Northern Israel. History coming to life. The Bible coming to life. Ancient Jewish life coming to life!

This is not necessarily the classic archaeological discovery. But it is definitely fascinating. It is especially fascinating being that this year is the Shmitah year again, the seventh year where the land rests. And this is the law that the inscription discusses! The Jewish people have been living in Israel for thousands of years and not just in Jerusalem. They have lived throughout the entire country. Even during the time periods when the Jewish people were exiled from their land, there were still some Jews who remained.

What do those who deny Israel’s right to exist say about all of this archaeology? What do those who deny the Jewish people their right to live in their ancient homeland say about everything that has been uncovered over the decades, proving Jewish life has existed in Israel for thousands of years? The facts are obvious. The truth is clear. The history is there. How can anyone deny it?

One day, the world will wake up. One day, they will realize how blind they were. And for those who know the truth, you are standing on the right side of history! You are standing with G-d and His people.

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