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Exploring The Ancient Jewish Connection To Jerusalem


Jerusalem has always been the center of Jewish life. It is where we pray towards and yearn and desire to reach. So, it is not surprising that a recent show dealing with underground discoveries dating back 2000 years showed that Jerusalem was Jewish.

While it’s true there have been other residents in Jerusalem over the years, Jerusalem’s origins are Jewish. The capital of Israel under King David 3,000 years ago, Jerusalem was the home the two Jewish Temples and the epicenter for Jewish life throughout the world.

The most amazing discovery is what is known as the Pilgrim’s Road, uncovered by accident in the City of David.

This road is in pristine condition and was the main street that led up to the Temple Mount two thousand years ago. This is the street where thousands of pilgrims would have walked with their sacrifices to the Temple Mount.

Watch: Follow Congressmen Jordan and Johnson on the Path of the Pilgrims

The Path of the Pilgrims is a game changer, proving once and for all what all of us know already. Jerusalem was and will always be the Jewish capital.

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