British MP Stands Up For The Truth

by Phil Schneider

The British MP’s point is very simple and clear. Textbooks dictate the priorities and values of the next generation. Somehow, of all of the issues between Israel and the Arabs who live in the State of Israel, the textbook issue has not become the main priority that it ought to be. There is no one thing that will change things more than the education of the next generation.

Textbooks are one very important part of the picture. But there is a lot more that can be done to focus on the next generation of Arab youth in the Middle East and around the world. The main arena that we need to enter and do battle in a major way is the online social media sphere – in Arabic. There is probably no better way to reach the younger generation without the involvement of the older generation than via social media. This needs to be done with the most talented video producers and talented educators who know how to penetrate the minds of young Arabs. This is where the battle needs to be fought. The psychology of the young Arabs in the Middle East is very different than the psychology of the Western youth. But there are universal values that need to be focused on. Every young person wants to be happy, wealthy, and popular. When these values are shown to be attainable via a healthy attitude on the world and the State of Israel, perhaps only 5-10% of the Arab youth will be impacted. But the kernels of truth will gradually grow and blow away the lies that have poisoned the minds of young Arabs worldwide. The battle is certainly in the textbooks. But smartphones capture the hearts and minds more. That is where the main focus should be.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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