American Woman Who Biden Left Stranded: “Am I Going to End up Dying Here?”

by Leah Rosenberg

You may have heard about different Americans stranded in Afghanistan. But when you hear an American Woman actually speak up, it’s powerful.

American Woman Stranded in Afghanistan Speaks Out

Putting a face to all the stories that circulate the news is extremely powerful. It is chilling. It reminds us that these are not just “news stories.” What is happening in Afghanistan is about REAL people and REAL lives! People are in danger. AMERICANS are in danger! This American woman, Nasria, proves it.

Biden promised he wouldn’t let any Americans go stranded. And what has happened? Americans are stranded! They have been left behind. They are stranded behind enemy lines.

Listening to Nasria ask if she’s going to end up dying in Afghanistan should wake up Biden and his administration. Do they care about their own people? What in the world is their plan for all of this? How could they have gotten America and Americans into such a mess?

Is the president of the United States really going to leave these Americans to die at the hands of the Taliban?

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