American Family Left Behind in Afghanistan After Biden Promised it Would Never Happen

by Phil Schneider

Afghanistan will probably become a euphemism for failure in a Presidency. For example, people will say, “Kamala Harris will not want this to be another Afghanistan.” Afghanistan will begin to take the place of Vietnam as an expression of failure, even though the scope of failure of Vietnam was much greater.

So why will the Afghanistan debacle hit such a deep chord within the American population? Because it will be the first time that the United States will be perceived as so weak that we would actually turn the Oval Office into an assisted living facility. Obama’s former staffers are the aides and make sure the President doesn’t overdo it – especially after sundown when the meds start to wear off. Not only is the United States not perceived as a superpower anymore, it is seen as a country that wants out of involvement in foreign affairs. It is a country that is willing to try “everything” before getting embroiled in a conflict abroad.

Is this a new strategy? Not at all. It’s the strategy that England, under the leadership of Neville Chamberlain employed in order to appease Hitler in 1939. The idea was that anything was better than all-out war. How costly that decision was. Had Hitler and the Nazi war machine been stopped earlier, World War II would have cost millions of lives. But it would not have cost tens of millions of lives. But American isolationism, and British unwillingness to face the reality of Nazism, and Stalin’s collaborationist stupidity with Hitler all together allowed the Nazi War Machine to grow exponentially with the conquering of France, and the expansionism towards the East.

Biden is not running the show. His cheat-sheet writers are speaking with Obama’s men and with Obama himself. This is a puppet-run country, and the would-be dictators are taking note. If only there would be no Americans and other who are paying the price.

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