The Ultimate Video to Prepare for the Day of Judgement

by Leah Rosenberg

How much can happen in one year? What can we do to prepare for the Day of Judgement to ensure a positive year for ourselves and the world?

Rosh Hashana – The Day of Judgement

Every year, we are forced to stop and reflect on the previous year. The Day of Judgement – Rosh Hashana – comes. First, in the month of Elul – the month preceding Rosh Hashana – we are given the opportunity to slowly prepare ourselves for the High Holidays. G-d does not expect anyone to be perfect, but He DOES expect us to try and to slowly work on ourselves. He expects us to reflect on the previous year and how we can make the coming year better – for ourselves and the world at large.

This video forces us to stop and think about all the events that took place in just ONE YEAR. Yes, of course there were positive moments, and we must not ignore those times. But we must also not brush over the events that have rocked our security and stability. Coronavirus, building collapses, floods, earthquakes, and more. People have been killed, and people have died in the most horrific ways.

Although we cannot see G-d’s plan, we must trust that He runs the world in the most perfect way; that everything happens for a reason.

But we must also do our part to ensure that He bestows good upon us and that He tears up the evil decrees. How do we do that? Repentance, prayer, and charity. Connecting to your soul and returning to G-d always brings more good to the world. Being kind to others and giving always has a ripple effect of positivity.

Are we ready for this weighty task?

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