Facebook allows “Palestinian” news page to celebrate New Years recapping terrorist attacks

by Leah Rosenberg

How can Facebook allow such horrific videos to be posted celebrating the murder of innocent Israelis? They will ban those who want peace but not THIS?

Murder of Innocent Israelis

This video shown is from a verified “Palestinian” news page on Facebook. It was a video recapping terrible terrorist attacks in 2017. THAT is how the “Palestinians” chose to celebrate the start of the New Year. While most people celebrate with life, they celebrated with death. They cheered because of the murders and injuries of INNOCENT Israelis. A father. A mother. And even a fetus have all been killed over the last year. AND more. That is what this video celebrated. Is that not disturbing?

Facebook Should Ban This

Why does Facebook ban those who want to make peace, like a peaceful Imam, but not “Palestinian” incitement videos? The Imam denounced terror, and Facebook denounced him. Does that make sense? And yet when a “Palestinian” news page celebrates the murder of innocent Israelis, Facebook says nothing.

What kind of social media platform is that?

Col. Kemp

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