The story of the nation that dared to be different

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish nation is unique. Never in history has there been a group of people like the Jews. And this video perfectly captures the unexplainable.

The Jewish Nation

You can try to explain the mysteries of the Jewish people, but it will be impossible. The only way to explain anything is by believing that God has kept the Jewish nation alive and thriving since the beginning of time. History is the greatest proof of God. Because honestly, to think about the existence of the Jews brings one to realize that it is irrational.

Through all the antisemitism and persecution, the Jews remain. The Jewish people are part of a fascinating history and chain of events that is worth learning about.

The Jews are not Going Anywhere

It is time that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement woke up and took a look at history. It is time that Hezbollah, Hamas, and the “Palestinian” Authority accepted reality. And that reality is that the Jewish nation is not going anywhere. God will not let the Jewish people be defeated. The promises are in the Bible. Take a look. Read it. Soak it in. God has shown throughout history that He keeps His promises. All of the Jew’s enemies need to realize that they cannot beat God, which means they cannot beat the Jewish people.

Jewish people all over the world should feel some comfort knowing that God is protecting them. And although it is difficult to feel His embrace at times, it is always there.

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