CDC Director’s Makes Shocking Admission about COVID

by Phil Schneider

Hospitalization due to Covid-19 and hospitalization where a person ALSO has Covid-19 are very different things. This is not new to many people, but it is news that the CDC is finally admitting this. The coronavirus is a very deadly virus – that is apparent to all to see. But much of the way the numbers have been counted has been skewed by problematic counting.

One of the first people to make it a point to differentiate between hospitalized people with Covid-19, and people who are hospitalized due to Covid-19, has been Governor Ron DeSantis. This is indeed a very important detail because the statistics of hospitalizations are probably the most important indicator today of sickness that matters. People can argue about the long-term effects of having Covid-19 vs. the potential long-term effects of vaccination. But hospitalizations are more hard facts to grapple with.

If, for example, Florida has less hospitalizations without vaccine mandates and open public schools, then that will serve as a prototype to open up more of the United States. Whereas, if the number of hospitalizations are worse as the society is more open, then perhaps the logic of closing down has it’s merits. So, how to count is a key factor. People suffering from a bad flu that need to be hospitalized who incidentally have Covid-19 are indeed not being hospitalized due to Covid-19. They belong in a different category.

Sometimes the details really do matter if we want to get to the bottom of the matter. The CDC has enormous clout. So this admission does move things in the direction of clarifying the reality of what the best policies ought to be for dealing effectively with the Coronavirus pandemic.

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