The Next Time Someone Mentions the West Bank and Israel, Show Them This

by Leah Rosenberg

The world loves to make the West Bank something controversial. They love to use it against Israel. But here are the facts that they ignore.

History of the West Bank

You can’t begin to understand anything until you learn some history. These are facts. It is something that you cannot argue, and yet, much of the word does. They argue about Israel and lie – especially when it comes to the West Bank, which is Judea and Samaria. They claim the most absurd untruths about the Jewish homeland. And somehow, people are getting away with it. No one cares to know the truth. The reason the world even calls it the West Bank and not Judea and Samaria is to try to rid the land of Jewish connection!

This video gives the truth.

Legally, all of the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people – as explained! There is no arguing. It is international law. For every other country, there was no debate. And yet for Israel, the double standard is outrageous! As professor Eugene Kontorovich said, “You can’t occupy land that belongs to you.” The law is the law.

Aside from the historical and legal aspects of what is called the West Bank, there is the Biblical aspect. The archaeological aspect. The part where G-d gave the land to the Jews, and it is clear as day. Even today it is clear with all the evidence discovered!

So no matter which direction you take, the ENTIRE land of Israel, including what the world calls the West Bank, belongs to the Jewish people. You cannot make a Biblical, historical, archaeological, or legal argument otherwise. It’s time the world accepted it.

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